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Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks & Bay Window Solutions

Silent Gliss LogoWe supply a wide range of Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks from our Boroughbridge Showroom.

Silent Gliss are the leading manufacturer of Curtain Tracks, offering a wide range of curtain tracks to suit a variety of purposes and rooms. Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks and Metropoles are particularly suitable for bay windows. They can be custom bent to fit bay windows of most sizes. Bay Window Curtain Tracks provide a stylish and practical solution for bay window dressing. Please contact us for more details of custom tracks and poles.

Bay Window Curtain TracksPerfect as Bay Window Curtain Track

Unlike wood poles Metropole can easily be bent to fit perfectly to bay windows or other curved applications. Made to measure, Metropole is tailored exactly to the contours of your window.


A Decorative Curtain Pole...That functions like a Track

Metropole is actually a curtain track and does not need curtains rings, the curtains hang directly on nylon gliders contained in a channel inside the pole. However, unlike traditional curtain poles, the brackets attach to the top of the pole allowing the curtain to move smoothly throughout the complete length of the pole – no need for passing brackets, making it perfect for wide windows and large expanses of glass.

Silent Gliss Curtain TracksSilent Gliss Curtain Tracks
Hand Operated Curtain Track Systems

Curtains allow you to express the style of your choice - either contemporary or traditional. Hand drawn curtain tracks are more economical than other options and offer ease of use and with no cords, are ideal for homes or locations with young children.

  • Unobtrusive and elegant
  • Efficient, smooth and quiet operation
  • Extremely long lasting and maintenance free
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications

Cord Operated Curtain Track Systems

With cord operation all curtains - even heavy, awkward or difficult to reach - can be comfortably and easily handled. Cord operation prevents soiling of curtains by frequent handling. Suitable for domestic and contract applications, our robust systems are maintenance free. Meant to be bent by design - for bay windows and other curved applications, Silent Gliss corded tracks are unbeatable - they really work!

Child Safety Logos

Safety First With Silent Gliss

As children grow, so does their curiosity with the world around them. Everyday household objects could become hazardous to infants. Chains and cords from curtains and blinds have been identified as a potential danger for small children. As a result, major changes have been made to EN13120 to make products child safe. Silent Gliss fully comply to the new standards.

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