Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds® - Create light control and privacy with this design classic

Create a special look for your windows with a design Flock de Luxe from our Couture Collection with a rich, plush texture inspired delicate floral designs.It’s all in the detail

Do you have a room with a great view but want to adjust the light? Luxaflex® MegaView® blinds have a special tilt function that gives you twice the view of ordinary venetian blinds with light control.

Venetian Blinds

The charm of our Venetian Blinds lies in their versatility. First introduced to the world by Luxaflex® in the 1950s.
The Luxaflex® Venetian Blind collection offers beautiful light control with a stunning range of fashionable colours, rich textures and exclusive designs to transform any window with a style that is completely your own.
Quality is the hallmark of Luxaflex® Venetian Blinds, which are made with highly resilient aluminium slats that won’t lose their shape.
Our Venetian Blinds feature Child Safe systems including LiteRise®, motorised systems, tensioned models, handle control, crank operation, chain tensioner and cord cleat.


The new standard for 25mm Luxaflex® Venetian Blinds.
The new LiteRise® cordless system makes raising, lowering and tilting easier than ever.
Simply push up to raise, pull down to lower and tilt with the same movement, your blind stays right where you want it to be.


The 25mm MegaView® Venetian Blind, offers you that extra view and privacy control that you might be looking for. Available in all colours, this blind closes as a normal 25mm blind, but when you open it, a MegaView® outside view is presented, by doubling the view through to the outside. Designed exclusively for Luxaflex®. The innovative MegaView® system is built upon the well-known 25mm Venetian Blind, by using a technology that ‘sticks’ two slats together when opening, so an extended view-through is created. The blind closes as you would expect from a Luxaflex® Venetian Blind, providing you with the most optimal light and privacy control.
You can now control your MegaView® blind with Crank Control and Motorisation.


Form is function: the functionality of tilting and lifting in a beautifully designed “open” system. Ellisse® has the classical look of a shutter with a modern high tech design.
The head and bottom rail design with the tassel and tilt rod are a perfect match. Choose from the 50 or 70 mm slats and personalize your blind with a wide choice of tapes.

The same as Ellisse® but now with warm wood design accents. Wood insert in the aluminium head rail and wood bottom rail.

Couture Collection – Flock De Luxe

Flock de Luxe design
This unique tactile design has a rich, plush texture inspired by rippling water and delicate floral designs including Secret Creek, Wild Garden and Natural Knits.

Couture Collection – Studio/Lounge

Studio/Lounge design
Featuring unexpected patterns, our Lounge design creates a fresh new perspective for Venetian Blinds with a stylist, retro look in contrasting colour combinations. Our Studio design is inspired by traditional weaving techniques with stunning tactile designs with a modern twist in trend colours like Indigo, Ginger, Twilight and Loom.

Couture Collection – Soho/Stream

Soho/Stream design
Soho has an exclusive embossed look that takes inspiration from nature with modern rhythmic designs and undulating surfaces.

With a design inspired by rippling water, the Stream design has stunning two tone colours that create a subtle contemporary look when coordinated with tapes


Luxaflex® offers you a range of possibilities to personalise your Venetian Blind, and create the best possible match in colour and style with your interior. Plain coloured fabric tapes can be chosen for 35, 50 and 70mm slats. Fabric tapes with decorative prints are also available for 50 and 70mm Venetian Blinds. It is possible to personalise your blind by adding multiple colours of slats in your blind, or just add an exciting border effect to your blind, for a subtle or dynamic look. Again your style counts.


Varioflex a Luxaflex® patented design with unique benefits. The blind is divided in two sections and in each section the tilting can be controlled independently. You can open the bottom or the top part of the blind separately, depending on your light and privacy requirements..

UV protection and daylight control

Thermostop™ is a good reflector. In summer this may help to reflect solar energy to the outside lowering the inside temperature and the need for additional cooling. In winter, when fully closed it can be fairly effective in keeping heat indoors.

Slat sizes for every window

Luxaflex® has been developing the Venetian Blind for many years. Also this year the range of models has been extended. A new slat width has been added to the portfolio. After 16, 25, 35 and 50, 70 mm has been added for a beautiful look for bigger sized windows.

Top Down Bottom Up

The ultimate in versatility: operate blinds from the top down, the bottom up or a combination of the two. Convenient button operation for tilting the slats. Available with 16 and 25 mm slats.

70 mm Venetian Blind

To extend our offering for every size of window, particularly for larger windows in your home or office, we now offer a Venetian Blind with 70 mm wide slats. This product is available with standard cord operation as well as a motorised version for more comfort and control. Available in 30 of our most inspiring colours, for different styles and trends to meet your preferences for your interior. The new 70mm Venetian Blind is based on an existing and proven hardware system. To enhance the look and give a personal touch one can add fabric tape, in a plain colour or a decorative print to the 70mm Venetian Blinds. Also a design Fusion valance is optional available for the finishing touch.