Plissé Shades

Plissé Shades: Uniquely decorative – discover a shape to suit your style

Crisp, pleated fabrics in a range of colours and styles, including elegant patterns, and rich, appealing textured weaves. Heat reflective Topar® coatings are available for enhanced sun protection making Plissé an ideal solution for conservatories. Versatile and highly decorative, Plissé Shades are a perfect for any window size or shape.

Natural light and privacy
The ultimate in versatility, our Top-Down/Bottom-Up Plissé Shades offer you the ability to operate shades from the top, the bottom up or anywhere in between for the perfect balance of natural light and privacy all in one.

Comfortable Conservatories
Make your conservatory comfortable with our Topar® Plus fabric coating which reflects the sun’s heat and harsh light and adds extra insulation. Enjoy lazy summer afternoons and cosy autumn evenings with Plissé Shades.

Plissé Shades

Plissé Shades from Luxaflex® feature crisp, pleated fabrics in an extensive selection of colours and styles, including beautiful weaves, elegant patterns and rich, appealing textures. Heat reflective Topar® coatings are available for enhanced sun protection making Plissé an ideal solution for conservatories and other window applications where intense, direct sunlight is a factor. Versatile, highly decorative, and always crisp in appearance, Plissé Shades are a perfect solution every window size and shape.

Luxaflex® Plissé pleated blinds offer a practical, modern style which suits any type of window. With 20mm pleats they can be fitted within standard glazing bars to give a neat, flush finish to any style window. Available in a wide range of colours and fabrics types.

  • Various transparencies of cloth
  • Small stack size when lifted
  • 20mm pleat fits inside glazing bars
  • Wide selection of fire retardant fabrics
  • 3 unique fabric treatments available: Topar, Dustblock™ and Sana Plus

3 Unique Fabric Treatments

Advanced fabric technology does not come at the experience of style. Luxaflex® Plissé blinds are available with 3 new fabric treatments offering solar reflection, dirt and moisture repellence and antibacterial properties.


Sana Plus

  • Perfect antibacterial properties (SN 195920)
  • Antibacterial properties maintained after several washes
  • Perfectly suitable for use in medical care centres
  • Fire retardant fabrics available
  • Washable fabrics
  • Soft fabric handle


  • Optimal light and heat control
  • High solar and light reflection
  • Dust repellent and washable
  • Resistant to soiling caused by insects and cleaning agents
  • Beautiful from the inside and outside
  • Available in all transparencies and colourful designs
  • Low heat permeability
  • Topar plus: a combination of and Topar and Dustblock™


  • Protects against dry dirt, i.e. dust and smoke particles
  • Resistant to water and oil based liquids such as coffee, wine, milk and ketchup
  • The coating remains undamaged after cleaning and works on both sides of the fabric
  • Expanded lifespan of the product
  • Washable fabrics