Measuring Guide - Curtain Poles & Tracks

Before you begin selecting the look, finish and style of a curtain pole, you need to consider the weight of the curtain that you wish to hang on the pole. All of our products have a guidance weight; showing you whether the pole is suitable for a light to medium weight curtain or a medium to heavy weight curtain.

Measuring Guide


Measuring the pole or track for your curtain is very easy.  Firstly, using a steel tape measure or rule, measure the width of the inside recess of the window.  Write the measurement down.

Next add 15cm (6inches) to each side, i.e. 30cm (12 inches) in total.  This is to ensure that the curtain will fully open when the pole or track is in situ.  Write this new measurement down.  The width of the curtains that you choose should be approximately one and a half times the width of the pole to ensure that there is a “full” look to the curtains.

Remember that this measurement does not include the finial if you are using a Curtain Pole – you will need to ensure that there is enough room to add your chosen finial.

Curtain Pole Measuring Guide Curtain Track Measuring Guide

The pole or track should then be fixed above the window in accordance with the product’s instructions


 Usually ready-made curtains come in standard drop sizes so it is important to decide where you want your curtains to end.  The drop measurement should be taken from the fixing point on the curtain, depending upon the curtain type.   The drop can finish at the windowsill (3), 15cm (6”) below the windowsill (2) or at the floor (1), depending upon your preference

 Measuring Guide - Curtain Pole Drop Measuring Guide - Curtain Track Drop

Handy Tips

  1. Always take measurements in the same units. We recommend using Centimetres
  2. Don’t try to remember the measurements – write them down as you make them
  3. Look at how windows open – you need to take this into account to get the perfect fit
  4. Make sure you leave enough room at the top and sides for Finials when using a Curtain Pole
  5. Always hold your tape measure level when measuring to ensure accuracy
  6. Make sure that you can get to the opening cord easily when fitting Curtain Track and Blinds
  7. Make sure that you fit corded products in such a way as to prevent babies and young children becoming entangled in the cords