Facette Shades

Facette® Shades - Soft, stylish fabrics with unique light control

Enjoy the view and privacy
Facette® Shades works like a roller blind to let you quickly and easily raise or lower the shade in both the fully open or closed position – so you can choose to enjoy your view - effortlessly adjust the light or get the extra privacy you want.

Perfect for any window size
Designed to complement the proportions of your windows with large vanes that create a bold look for big windows to ultra slim vanes for elegant style on smaller windows.

Facette® Shades

Available in three vane widths and a range of contemporary and diverse colours – and even in up-to-date trend tones – Facette® Shades are designed to blend in harmoniously with your style and furnishings.


With its new vane width, Facette® Shades now offer you more possibilities than ever before. Will you select the stylish 14 mm vane or the dramatic 46mm option? Consider the proportions of each window you are dressing, and simply choose the width that best balances the overall effect.

Colour coordination

You can choose the tone that best suits your interior from a contemporary and diverse range of –

23 main colours plus several trend colours. The collection will regularly be updated with one or more colours that reflect the latest fashion and design trends. The innovative Facette® Shades fabric is made of high quality fire-retardant 100% Trevira CS yarns for peace of mind.

Model Overview

14 mm

14mm: suitable for almost every size and shape of window. Available in 23 attractive colours.

46 mm

46mm: a strong, spacious style for larger windows. Available in 23 attractive colours.